LinkedinGrowthThe global economic collapse of 2007 has done everyone in Network Marketing a huge favor.

Not only did it force seasoned business executives to seriously evaluate an additional (or primary) income stream through Network Marketing it also accelerated the membership growth of Linkedin as can be seen here on the right.

Linkedin is now seen as the primary way for business executive to connect with people they can do business with.  And with over 235 Million Linkedin members that is perfect for people like you and me who are leaders in the Network Marketing industry.

Leadership Is Influence

There are two important factors in growing a strong Network Marketing Organization – Leadership and Marketing

True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. In fact, achieving a position in your Network Marketing business is only the first of five levels every leader achieves.

To become more that “the boss” people follow only because they are required to, you have to master the ability to invest in people and inspire them.

To grow further in your company you must achieve results and build a team that produces.  You need people to develop their skills to become leaders in their own right.

And if you have the skill and dedication, you can reach the pinnacle of leadership – where experience will allow you to extend your influence beyond your immediate reach and time for the benefit of others.

So What Has Leadership Got To Do With Linkedin

Great question.  And the answer for most is absolutely nothing.

However if you truly wish to grow a business that has the ability you grow whether you are there or not this depends on the leaders you attract to your business and on your ability to help them achieve their leadership goals.

The best description I ever heard about a business is this – ”

And the people you attract in your life are an exact mirror of where you are in your life.  It wasn’t until I became a great person, a great businessman, and a great leader, that I started to attract great people. And attract great people I continue to do to this day.

And Linkedin will allow you to do exactly the same – if you believe in “givers gain” – and take advantage of the Free Linkedin Training tutorials I have created for you on this site

In addition we will be providing you with up to the minute Linkedin Training and guidance when you sign up for our blog updates – so sign up below and begin the journey to attracting high quality leaders hungry to do business with you.


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